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Re: Novice

I can't help much with your problems, but I have the converse to your story.
A year ago I was getting tired of pouring green into my '91 200TQ so I went
to drive a new Maxima.  They had a great lease deal going and I had heard it
is a great sports sedan.  BLEAH!!  No guts, no handling, no class!  Needless
to say, I am still pouring in the green.

Ralph Poplawsky

At 05:06 PM 11/14/97 -0600, you wrote:
>  I'm new to the list as I've just gotten a '90 V8 Quattro. I traded in a 
>1989 Maxima SE that I loved dearly to get this thing and I hope I made the
>right decision. [.....................]

>  Should I dump this thing, keep it and forget about the electronic stuff,
>nag the dealer to trade back for my Maxima, or what? [..............]

>Larry Katzenstein
>Minneapolis, MN.