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DIP switches on instrument cluster...

Hi. Me again.

I've asked before about this, but this time I'm just going ask for
general information.

On the back of the instrument cluster of the Audi 200 1990 models
there is a small set of DIP switches (4 of them in a small opening
on the upper face of the cluster unit). What are each of the DIP
switches for? Do they all do fuel level correction for the fuel
level the "out-of-fuel" indicator has to monitor or do some of them
make adjustments to other fluid levels to monitor such as hydraulic

The reason I'm asking is that I used to get "out-of-fuel" warnings
with more than 1/3 tank left. I also used to get "low hydraulic
pressure" warnings when doing something like 130km/h. Last week I
flipped the 4 switches to ON, since then the "out-of-fuel" doesn't
come on, but now my "low hydraulic pressure" warning comes on when
I turn the car on and wait for a while.

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