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Re: Compression method suggestions, test procedure step by step

> if  a LOT of noise is heard (mechanical), car engine has higher compression
> and engine is interference engine (almost all engines are nowadays)

Hi Avi! :)

Sorry, but there is no way I'm doing this. I'm sure if this is tried
in an "interference" motor (valve drops below highest level of piston,
right?) then the obvious thing would be me having to get a new
cylinder head and all the extra gear. Piston is down, inlet valve is
down (thanks to timing belt, we hope), piston is up, inlet valve is
down (thanks to NO timing belt), piston makes whoopie with valve
and my motor is f***ed!

This does sound dangerous to me. I mean I'm no technical child when
it comes to motors (heck, have a look at my other posts to this
list :P ), but this timing belt removal and engine cranking thing is
not for me.

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