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RE: Leaking clutch m/c

From: 	Phil Payne
>shall we say ten hours?
No takers here - I was thinking 'All weekend', but I'll keep a note of working 
time as opposed to elapsed time.
Whats the scale?
More than 18 hours = P*ss poor
12 - 18 hours = Average
8 -12 hours = Competent
5 - 8 hours = Pretty good
Less than 5 hours = Sh*t hot

A few of my thoughts from this morning -
'There it is! What a !expletive! place to put it'
'Oh !expletive! I bet I'll have to pull the !expletive! pedal box as well as 
the column'
Insert you own choice of profanity - I almost certainly used it at some point.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro