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FS: '93 S-4 (long)

Okay folks... I have the inside scoop on a '93 S-4 for sale. A guy who is a member of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the QCUSA is selling his Black with Ecru '93 S-4 (and buying an A8!! The man's got class... and I suppose $$$... that's for sure!!).

It has all the usual S-4 goodies... but keep in mind, the '93 model year is the only one that had carbon fibre instead of wood in the interior.

It has 75k miles on it, and is in very good shape. I've driven it, and it is nice indeed. It has the OEM 16x8.5 rims, with Michelin Pilot XGT-Z4 z-rated rubber on them. This guy has babied the car, and taken very good care of it. It has always been dealer maintained (for what's that worth... at least any parts have been OEM!!).

I asked him if he has had any problems with the tranny (as we've seen from others on this list), and he said that he did, and it was replaced by Audi at the 23k mile mark. No problems since then...

I found it odd that he said the car was on its 3rd water pump though. I don't know why... anyone care to guess or offer insight?

I asked him if the timing belt had been done yet, and he said no... that "they" just checked it, and it is still okay. I personally wouldn't trust it too much longer... despite what the dealer says.

He is listing it in the paper for $23,500. I believe that he would be willing to negotiate a bit... especially if it is another Audi fanatic.

So, if anyone is interested, please e-mail me, and I'll pass along your name and number. I told him I'd send out this post to you all... but not give his name and number (i.e. to keep his # unlisted and confidential). I guess a side benefit to that is that I get right of first refusal!! :-)

He called me first, since he knows that I am an Audi enthusiast (to say the least?), and have always wanted an S-4. I had told him to let me know if his was ever for sale... so I guess, now's my chance!! However, timing of it all may not work in my favor. Heck... I just bought the QSW!! And have spent some $$ on that already... I'd be a bit crazy to go buy an S-4, right? And this would be a private party sale... so there wouldn't be a warranty. Would I be totally nuts... to buy a 5 year old car, for $23k, without a warranty?

Besides... what would I do with my Audi? I've spent some time and $$$, especially $$$, on it in the past year... I would most likely not recoup my investment, that's for sure. Of course, if I could sell my car for a decent sum... I would be tempted. Anyone interested in my car? :-)

I know I shouldn't... but I just might call my finance company tomorrow and see how much is left to pay on my car. Then... :-)

So, what do you all think? Would I be crazy to do this? Tell me yes... that's the sensible thing to do!!

Again, if anyone is interested, let me know.

Jim Griffin
Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
'92 Audi 100S
'87 VW Quantum Syncro Wagon