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steady commentary

Mr. Fletcher sed:
>Why does'nt everyone just forget the cheasy trick's and worthless single 
>pass conversions and just buy a proper intercooler....  Any one that 
>tells you otherwise is just yanking your chain

My monitoring of over three years of the Q list makes me uncomfortable with
this sort of post.  When other folks are discussing FACTS, the THEORY that
supports them, etc, the typical response is additional CLAIMS, bravado, and
sly hints of hidden knowledge not to be shared, nor forthcoming.  What is it
that you are trying to convey?  I have little patience with "I've Got A
Secret".  This forum is the wrong place for somebody to play such games.

F'r instance, if your car is so damn fast, what sort of mods DO you have?
Although I have no personal interest in implementing them, why do you wish
for everybody to duplicate your research needlessly?  What do you get out of
that?  What do you get from keeping it secret?

What the heck do you mean by a proper intercooler?  Partial information is
useless to those trying to learn something.  And if you are trying to
protect a personal business (why would someone so well paid for other things
have to make money from other car enthusiasts?), my personal opinion is that
you are not impressing any future clients by being sly or coy.

I do not mean to insult anybody, nor destroy reputations.  My goal here is
to raise the level of the list discussion above "mine is bigger than yours",
which helps nobody.

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