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re: Cryogenically treated rotors

Daniel Husseu <GY3WSX@VM.SC.EDU> wrote:

>    I was reading up on Cryogenically tempered rotors in the last issue of
> Quattro Quarterly, but it seemed like more of an ad than anything.  I dunno.
> This is the first time I have heard anything about them.  Has anyone used them,
> or can anyone tell me thier advantages, and disadvantages (if any)?  I'd
> appreciate it.  I now know what they are, but still not sure whether they are
> practical or usefull for street use.

I have very limited knowledge of this but I will say:

Crygogenic treatment relieves internal stresses in the metal by allowing
(uh, is it molecules?) metal particles (can't seem to think of the term
now) to align themselves "better".

It's used on rifle barrels to enhance accuracy, and there are also some
of longer life, but many are skeptical about the longer life part.

It would seem that the treatment applied to rotors would make them less 
susceptible to warping, because they might handle heat more

I got get the Quarterly, so I didn't see the article/ad.  I think it
depend on the price, but I don't think it's totally without merit.

I can't remember the cost to cryo a rifle barrel, but it was no bad at
maybe around $50 or so?  That's for just one, so I would think the
cost of a rotor treated to the process would be cheaper if they were