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Calling all coupe gt owners

Well here is the problem of the day for my 85 coupe gt.

This morning I started it up so that it could warm up (It is a cold 
day in St. Louis) for my drive to work.  To my surprise all these 
lights on the dash lit up...   The brake light, battery light, temp 
light was flashing, and the OXS light...  I think that I must have a 
short or something, hey maybe a mouse...   The battery is brand new 
and has good voltage, but I noticed after running it for a while the 
voltage pulled down to about 8-9...  I'm guessing that some wires are 
messed up somewhere but I'm not sure what to look for, or what to 
check.   Should I take to dash insterment panel off.   Never done that 
before it could be fun.  The car is running fine (like most AUDI'S) I 
drove it here to work, but I sure would like to get these lights 
fixed...  Has this ever happened to anyone...  If you have any 
suggestions please let me know... 


85 coupe gt, 185,xxx 
and several warning lights that work fine...