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Re: quattro-digest V4 #1366

His Allmight has stated...

<< Why does'nt everyone just forget the cheasy trick's ...
> Later!
>Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
>'87 5KCSTQ with WAY too many toys.....

To wit Scott effectively defended the honor of the low buck /
big bang, single pass IC.

I think you were also banging on water injection, air to water
intercoolers, and spray bars.  Using the patented "If it works
it must be right logic" that regularly spews from the mouth-
piece of "The Gateway to the West, would you say that the 
Ford Escot Cosworth Mk II with water injection and spray bars 
and 400+ HP is cheesey? Phil, I think the honor of Boreham's 
finest has been put into question!

Paul T-