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Re:intercooler efficiency...

The intercooler as supplied by Audi in my '89 200tq, is a double pass IC.
Air from the turbo enters the right hand (as seen from the driver's seat)
side lower cover of the IC.  It flows across the lower portion until it
enters the plastic capped section on the other end.  It then flows back to
the right to the outlet on the right top (to which the "michelin tire man
hose" is attached.  That end cap has a partition inside which separates the
"two halves" of the IC.  It is gasketed to prevent leakage between the two
halves until the cross-over at the other end.

BTW, if you increase boost levels very much you will need to reinforce the
connection between the end caps and the IC body.  Mucho boost tends to blow
the end caps off.

At 10:43 AM 11/17/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Ok, now I'm really interested in this.  I've seen some talk about converting
>the intercooler to single-pass in the past.  Would anyone care to share
>some of the details of the way the intercooler is constructed and what
>this means?  I've never had mine apart.
>Best Wishes,
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