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Re: 4ks fuel sys

> I'd really like to fix this beast myself, given that I've bought a lot of books
> and tools, but on the other hand, now that the weather's turned cooler, its
> running just horribly and I may have to ship it off to a dealer (yuck).

try bringing it to someone who has specialised in small foreign cars since the
early 80's - they may remember what they used to do to keep Jetta's etc. working
back then.  That's how my neighbor helps me keep my FI running right.  ("let's see,
when Katie was 6, what did I have to do to a VW to get it running?")  The dealer is
only useful if at least one mechanic has been around for 10-15 years, and is
familiar with our old cars.

Huw Powell
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