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Going to the shops (long)

     Okay, maybe someone can explain this electrical gremlin in a 5kcdq...
     First family trip in the 5kcdq, Saturday around 5.30, Kate (my wife), 
     Matthew (2 year old son) and Sarah (6 month old daughter) set off for 
     Loblaws (it's a supermarket kind of like Asda for those in the UK). On 
     the way there, I received a complement from Kate on the ride quality. 
     I smiled quietly to myself the shocks are one of the things I would 
     like to replace, but I digress. Anyway, we arrive at Loblaws and Kate 
     presses the back window down to let in some air, the car was starting 
     to steam up (I still haven't figured out the heating system, how do 
     you get air out of the front side and middle vents?). The window goes 
     down fine but all attempts via the driver and rear seat switches to 
     make it go up were unsuccesful. I should point out, it's about -5C, 
     snowing heavilly and dark, luckilly the window that was now stuck down 
     was on the opposite side from Sarah.... Words and comments were 
     exchanged, "did you not try the windows before you bought the car etc. 
     etc." There's a long silence and Kate decides to go in and do the 
     I sit in the front of the car contemplating what to do next. I had a 
     quick look for an appropriate fuse in the fuse box under the bonnet, 
     none to be found for the rear windows? A small drift is now forming on 
     the rear seat so I took off my jacket and blocked off the window. 
     Although not an ideal solution hey I reckoned it might get us home. 
     After returning to the front seat and contemplating the situation a 
     bit more I decided to try swapping the left and right switches over (I 
     thought it was quite inventive at the time). Screwdriver out, swap 
     over the switches and hey presto still no upward movement. Hmmm this 
     put me into a slightly darker mood than an hour earlier when the snow 
     blower (purchased 24 hours earlier) had blown a head gasket....
     Again I returned to the front seat trying to figure out how the hel1 I 
     was going to fit this car into an already occupied garage to work on 
     it. In desperation I try the front master control switch again and the 
     window goes up. I am completely bemused by how Audi have wired up the 
     switches and look forward to looking at this particular schematic in 
     the Bentley.
     Also on the same door as the faulty switch the handle is at best iffy. 
     i.e. you can open the door from the outside if you hold it in and 
     wiggle the door. From the inside the handle pulls but nothing happens. 
     Attempts to explain to Kate that this was actually the child safety 
     lock were met with a frostier reception than the weather.
     It's going to be a while before the next family outing in the 5kcdq 
     which is unfortunate because I'm quickly becoming a convert to type 44 
     Regards, Mike