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Re:5K Draining Battery

>If none of the fuse removals seemed to make any difference, you might have an
>intermittent short in one of the circuits that's constantly connected to
>current track 30.  Some candidates include:  the ignition switch itself, the
>load reduction relay, the fuel-pump relay, the brake light switch, the turbo
>coolant pump and thermoswitch, the radiator cooling-fan relays, the headlight
>dimmer/flasher, the emergency flasher switch and relay, and the <central
>locking system switch and motor>.   
>My wild-ass guess is that you might have a problem with the central-locking
>system.  I remember reading somewhere that if you jump-start the car, you
>should NOT raise the engine RPM over idle for 30 seconds or it is possible to
>damage the central-locking system in some way.  

What I love most about this list is that if you wait long enough you can 
read about your problem from someone else. This battery thing has been 
around for years.

I have NOT solved mine, but I continue to attack. I believe I have a 
relay that sticks intermitently. Have done the fuse removal. Fan relay, 
etc, etc. Nothing.

Due to a leak I just replaced the turbo coolant pump. Was it the culprit?
I'll probably never know. Rather than face another dead battery morning I 
created a removal ground strap at the battery. Can't go dead if its not 
I know its a PITA but my boss likes me to get to work on time and I 
haven't had a problem since I've started disconnecting.

87 5CSTQ - 108,000
A great car, a great hobby!