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Re: Exhaust shields same on 90/91 CQ?

The 90 coupe came with a S-tainless S-teel, hence my abreviation to SS,

It is made of 5 pipes welded into what approximates a somewhat straightened
er, human exhaust (8^0).

The smooth bore and circular cross-section of the 5 pipes is optimal for
exhaust breathing.

The alternative is the cast manifold that the 91 coupe has, which is not
round, internally, and is not perfectly smooth, either.


At 06:49 PM 11/17/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Eric Renneisen wrote:
>> >I'm getting ready to put a SS header on my 91 CQ. Before I get started, I
>> >need to know if I'll also need to change the heat shield that is currently
>> >over the cast manifold my car came with.
>What's an SS header? Any performance benefits? Cost? Manufacturer?  
>Mike Sherrill