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Re: Hakka, Gilslaved, Blizzak

The Blizzak is great on ice!  On dry pavement, it's not so good; plus
when they are about 1/2 worn, all of the soft compound that gave such
good traction on ice is gone, and what you are left with a is a M&S
tire. The European winter tires are almost as good, and there are lots
of choices, and they all give reasonably good dry, handling qualities. 
Pirelli's and Nokians are some of the good choices.  As for size, most
of the tire experts recomend going -1, for example if you normally run a
205/55/16, the winter tire would be a 195/65/15.  In conclusion Hakka's
and Blizzak's are at opposite poles when it comes to dry handling. :-)