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this is no joke

Soooo.....like I was sitting at this light in the 'Q' when this 'thang'
pulls up along side.  Had FPOS written on the side of the door.  I
figured there was at least a Fiat or a  Ferrari and a Skoda in there
somewhere.  Look down and there was somethin' like Hakka or Blizzak
huggin' the floor.  The guy turns to me and motions with his finger
(wasn't the middle finger, but I couldn't be sure because I was still
trying to figure out what FPOS meant). I turned to the Javalina sitting
next to me and was about to ask....but hey, wait...SOB light turns green
and he's off!  So I put the beast into first gear (that's the one up on
the left side, right?), let the clutch out very slowly so as not to
stall the ol' I5, and lay some flubber!  Way we go!  Keep them revs up
over 4k....into 4th now (had to pull up the clutch pedal with my toe to
get it into 3rd) and startin' to see some lights.  So I turn to the
Javalina and tell him to it to stop friggin foolin' around. It wasn't my
fault. You were the one standin' in the middle of the road!  Deer in the
back says "ya, tell me about it."  Whoa.....have to pull her back
straight.  See some big arrows up ahead, sharp turn to the left I
figure.  Now we got this sucker lined up!

Now we're pullin hard to the left...closing...closing...Master FPOS
loses it, leaves the road, flyin' through the air.  I start to slow
down, push on the roof button to I can get a better look......no
wait....he's got a wing on his back...instead of going down he swooping
up....turning, turning...coming back in!

Now I'm ahead, so I start thinkin', do I press this thang or should I
consider the dynamics of gases or liquids?  Nope, look in the RVM (gotta
get them replaced) and see them lights coming up.  Look at the deer, no
life there, start thinking venison.  Javalina bites my arm again.  Okay,
okay, concentrate.  We do have an advantage, it's SNOWING!

Start to feel this pain in my chest...pounding pain.  I open my eyes and
find I'm looking into these beautiful green orbs.  BH says "you have got
to stop reading those quattro posts!"  "Ya" says I, "Now I know what
FPOS means."

All kiddin' aside, best regards to you all.