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re: FS: Boston Globe: '91 V8 5-spd - Detailed Opinion

if you say that the car looks like it's got 220K but actually says 46K on
the clock, i will bet that it's really got 220K and has had one or more
speedo replacements, which are common on V8s.

one poor guy here in seattle bought what he thought was a low mileage V8
(50K) which turned out to be a nightmare car, costing him an average of
$900/month of repair bills for a period of 6 months of so if i recall

finally on a hunch he did some digging and found some dishonest dealer who
deleted more than 120K from the records.  the case was satisfactorily
settled, with the dishonest dealer buying back the car and paying back
some of the expenses.  (those of you familiar with the case, correct me if
i'm wrong) 

B E W A R E ! ! ! ! !  poorly maintained V8s are bad news.  dealers here
don't even want shabby v8s on trade.  and don't ever trust the clock.  if
it looks too low to be true, it probably is.


v8 w/ 101K, but clock sez 78K.  runs, looks and feels like 78K.. :)