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Shocks for '91 200TQ 20V


I recently helped a local list member install some new
shocks in his 91 200TQ, he wanted to replace the OEM gas
shocks (Boge/Sachs?) with a similar type shock.  I called
Boge and they indicated the Boge Turbo Gas shocks were not
available for the '91 200TQ 20V. I checked my parts fiche
for the '90 V8 and '91 200TQ and found they list the same
shocks front and rear for both cars. To double check this,
I called my local Audi dealer and asked for a quote on a
set of shocks for  a '91 200TQ and another quote for a '90

Hmmm.....the Audi parts guy said, "they use the same

My friend ordered the Boge Turbo Gas shocks for the '90 V8
from RD enterprises and they fit fine.

Does Bilstein have a gas shock listed for the V8?

Scott M.