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Re: center-vent heating (via bi-level)

> >It's a feature, not a bug.  

All bugs, if left long enough, will become features.

> I don't know about the 4kq systems, but the manual for my 100 and 200 says
> the "bi-level" setting on the Climate Control panel will direct heated air
> through the center vents as well as to the floor. It seems to affect things
> in that sense, but even so, I've haven't yet gotten what I'd call a really
> satisfying blast of warm air from the center vents even with "bi-level"
> mode. Maybe "bi-level" is only intended to mix in a smidgeon of warm air
> for those vents.

When I run bi-level I get warm air out of the vents on the top of
the dash, barely anything out of the centre vents and  I can't seem
to feel anything anywhere else, but I'd have to check. As far as I
can remember the bi-level setting runs the defroster on the windscreen
while keeping cooling in  the normal vents. Is this right?

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