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RE: "Outside Temp" adjustable?

It will shut off AC compressor when the outside temp is low. I'm sure
there's another purpose, too. Just for your information, there are two
outside temperature sensors: one behind the grille and second in the
plenum chamber on the evaporator housing.

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> > Except for the occasional glitch in the middle of the Summer when it
> reads
> > 21F when it is really 75 thus not turning on the AC, I"ve learned to
> live
> > wiht it rather than replacing OATs.
> Are you guys telling me that the air con system is dependent on the
> outside temperature sensor? Why? Surely the idea of the air con or
> climate control system is that it is there for you to decide what
> temperature you want? My aircon blows hot air all the time even
> though,
> if I put it into AUTO mode, I can feel the air con system kick in
> and switch off again as the car becomes "jumpy" to ride (that air con
> thing takes a chunk of power). My outside temps are really way off,
> but seriously, can it be the outside temp sensor that determines how
> the air con or climate control works? Anybody out there who works or
> (re)builds these things knows whether the system is so dependant on
> that little sensor?
> Thanks.
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