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Re: Audi Driver Magazine

>- Agreed, aesthetically it's very pleasing; it exudes quality, style and
>good taste. To readers only interested in the latest Audi developments and
>which GBP 30,000 Audi to buy next , the interior to grace with their
>Aquascutumed presence in the driving seat and no more, it's the bees knees.
>But the whole impression, to me, is of an expensive, glossy PR magazine,
>rather than one for those who are more at home in boilersuits under their
>Audis. I am sure it is all a deliberate move up-market, to leave their
>sister mag. 'VW Audi Driver' more for the 'enthusiasts', but there's a
>balance, which I don't think they've got quite right. However, it's early
>days, and with a new magazine, there's no stock of reader-oriented features
>on which to draw, and it's vital to impress potential advertisers with how
>well-heeled the readership will be, so 9/10 for presentation and 6/10 for
>content would be my marks so far.

After I crawled into bed last night, I couldn't get to sleep quickly so I
ended up reading the premier issue of A-D (Hey, I *like* that!) all the way
through ... I agree with David's description of it word-for-word.  I plan to
write them a letter and vote for more Ur-Q coverage and tech articles ...
they go hand-in-hand, right?  ;^)
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