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RE: "Outside Temp" adjustable?

As I already said, you can't "reset" them. If the outside temperature
readout is wrong, it means you have a faulty sensor or other electrical
problem. This can be rectified by checking the diagnostic info in the AC
control head. The procedure for accessing the control head's diagnostic
mode can be found at ftp://ftp.metrics.com/auto/quattro/climate-ctrl/
(files in rare PBM format) or I can e-mail it converted to GIF (120kb
total) to anyone interested.

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> > It will shut off AC compressor when the outside temp is low. I'm
> sure
> > there's another purpose, too. Just for your information, there are
> two
> > outside temperature sensors: one behind the grille and second in the
> > plenum chamber on the evaporator housing.
> Perhaps shutting it off is there to prevent it going bust at cold
> temps? So how does one reset these things to get them to read
> properly?
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