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VW-Volvo talks

The German magazine Stern reports that VW is in talks to aquire a stake
in Volvo, a move which it says analysts believe would be preferable to
VW buying Rolls-Royce.  In confirming its interest in Rolls-Royce last
week, Stern noted that VW said it was on the lookout for aquisitions in
the luxury and truck ranges.  The analysts cited by Stern said a Volvo
collaboration would fulfill both goals: Volvo's S40 and S70 sedan and
wagon compete with the top-end Audi A6 and A8, while a third of Volvo's
revenues are from its truck business.  Finally, Stern said that VW was
only interested in buying a stake in Rolls-Royce and not whole company.

Shaun Mullen
West Grove, PA, USA