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Re: Bombs found in Chicago...pricing info

Holy cow batman!

I knew our part prices are high here in Finland, but check this one out:

857 612 061 C	list (USD) 460.00
443 612 061 H	list (USD) 590.00

prices include 22% VAT
my dealer cost is not substantially less... (not even 25%)

Do we take the cake for the highest bomb prices?

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
still hoping to sell parts (and cars) ...

> From: audial@aol.comLaw Guest Account <lawguest@wppost.depaul.edu>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Bombs found in Chicago...pricing info
> Date: 17. marraskuuta 1997 19:39
> I got in touch with the Lemforder distributor today in Chicago.  
> They are:
> Northside Imports
> (773) 384-5000
> The person to speak to is Rick.  I told him about the Quattro List and he
> will be expecting telephone calls from List members.
> His prices for the pressure accumulators are as follows:
> 5000-series (thru '88, I believe):  P/N 857-612-061C
> Each:  $205    Quantity of 10+: $185
> '93 S4:  P/N 443-612-061H
> Same prices
> These are considerably better than any other prices that I've found for
> this item, and he has them in stock.
> Now, the question is this:  would we like to arrange a group purchase to
> get the lower pricing?  If so, one way that we could work it is for
> everybody interested to email me with their shipping addresses.  I could
> then find out the shipping cost to your destination, and you could
> reimburse me for the shipping cost and send Northside your credit card #
> for the item cost.  That way I could pick up all of the units at once and
> save them the hassle of shipping each one individually.  I will also
> entertain any other suggestions, and I'm willing to go and pick them up
> and save everyone an extra $20, which will buy enough Pentosin to flush
> the system twice :-).  
> Anyone who is interested in doing this, please email me directly at:
> (Please do not send return email to my work's mail server because I can't
> access it from home).
> Best Wishes,
> Alex
> '86 5KCSTQ