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1990 Urquattro - seen it, now wait and see...

I went see and drive the 90 UrQ for sale today.  The car is, as some may
remember, a 2-owner car with strong ties to the rally community. The first
owner a (Audi) rally driver from the 80's anfd the second the leading
mosotorsport physician in the country.  A friend of his is selling the car
for him now, as he drives 30-40 thousand km/yr, and doesn't want to pay for
gas at USD 1.00 and over (diesel is 35% less).  This friend of his is 1995
world rally champion Timo Salonen.

But I digress, I went to see Timoo today and looked at the car.  It is
immaculate.  Original everything, complete service history, no
dents/scratches/rust.  Mileage of 149 000 km certainly does not show.  The
car could use new lenses/reflectors for the headlights, needs a bulb(s?) to
light up the rightmost sector of that glitzy disco dashboard, and, if you
are picky, the tailight lenses, intact yes, but somewhat faded by age.

Mechanically, the car seemed as sound as suggested by the service history,
it drove well, but could probably do with a set of new shock absorbers(and
springs??) after 150 thousand klicks.  The engine is apparently not quite
stock, as suggested by my contact at the VW/Audi importer, who knows the
car well.  He seems to think that the boost has been tinkered with here by
the people used to (and still do) prepare race Audis.  No play in
drivetrain, no diff/trans/CV/etc noises, shifts nicely.

The car cost 650 000 FIM new here, I just left an offer of 160 000 FIM.  I
must be crazy!!  Somebody tell me if the 150 000 km is high mileage for
such a car, if and when maintained properly.

What kind of things should I look out for if they he does call me and want
to take my offer - I reserved the right for a more thorough tech inspection

Thanks again,

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland