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86 5ktq Headlights

First off, I thank everyone for help last time with my problems with the
starter. It was a great help. However, now I have another problem (what a
suprise, huh?). Basically I got into a car accident (rear ended someone)
and had my left headlight (if you are standing in front of the car looking
at it) completely destroyed and was pushed back into my Intercooler for the
turbo. Well I've managed to find a used intercooler for around a couple
hundred dollars.. IS THIS AN OK PRICE?? Originally for a new one I guess
its $470.. So this seems a lot cheaper.. Anyways.. the dealer told me that
headlights for this car are outrageous in price.. is that true? He said
normally they originally go for like $500 a piece, but that he thought he
could probably get one for me for like $250. What does anyone think? PLEASE
if anyone knows of a place or has 1, possibly 2 headlights that are in full
working order, please tell me what they go for, etc. Any other ideas are
greatly appreciated Thanks a lot.

Nate Austin
'86 5ktq (after a rear ending incident)