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Re: A4 Stereo Decision

On Nov 18,  8:47pm, Tom Nas wrote:
> Subject: Re: A4 Stereo Decision
> twain mein <twain@rocketmail.com> wrote:
> >Bose costs $1200. In addition to the built in
> >subwoofer, you get Bose spkrs, more wattage and a CD
> >changer. Reportedly, it doesn't sound *that much*
> >better and you won't be able to upgrade pieceparts;
> >the spkrs have built-in amps.
> You people get the Bose w/CD changer for $1200?
> >From our A4 options list:
> -Radio 'Concert' with Bose sound system, _ready_ for CD changer Dfl 3645
> (~$1850)
> -CD changer for 6 CDs Dfl 1372 (~$650)
> Now you know why _everyone_ goes aftermarket here...

Yes, but here in the US, the Bose upgrade get you only that...
i.e. the specially equalized and amplified speakers.  The A4 
comes standard with the Concert head unit; you can't get the
A4 without it. Where you are, does the car's base price include
the Concert radio?  Any radio?

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q