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RE: 91 200q shock #s

> Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 07:17:58 -0500 (EST)
> From: audidudi@mindspring.com (Jeffrey J. Goggin)
> Subject: Re: 91 200q Bilstein #s (was: bye bye sucky lights)
> >FWIW, there's a similar situation with the Koni shocks.  The fronts there
> >are #86-2149, the rears #80-2630.  These are standard red Konis.  No yellow
> >sport Konis are spec'd for the '91 200q.  For the V8, the Koni catalog
> >specs the yellow sports:  86-2149SP front, 80-2630SP rear.  More
> >interesting is that Koni's european web site shows these as sport
> >alternatives for the 20v turbo typ 44 cars :)
> I just installed a set of the above Koni sports in my '89 200q and they fit
> and work just fine ... the rear ride height was lowered a bit due to the
> difference in spring perch location but that's okay by me given my plans to
> install threaded collars as soon as the springs I ordered show up.
> I bought them from RD Enterprises ... they don't normally keep them in stock
> but agreed to divert a pair of each from the regular order from "some guy in
> Minnesota who works on a lot of these cars."  ;^)

I'm clueless, who's in Minnesota? The karquattro guy?

Feeling a need to do more research, I've been surfing and making some calls. 
Spoke with Ned, who likes the Tokico HZ4001 in front and red Konis in back - he 
feels yellow Konis are too hard. And he doesn't stock a lot of anything other 
than engine parts, but can order them if you really want. Pretty much a 
complete disregard of my clear Bilstein preference. He'll be happier to hear 
from me next year sometime when I want a stage IV kit-n-caboodle.

Trying to get hold of Ivor for a while, I called RD and had to twist the guy's 
arm to get him to check part #s - "we don't show anything, okay *those* part 
numbers say Audi turbo quattro '83-'91" (for rear) - fronts they have (same 
part as non-quattro, his "fit list" has them listed for non-q only) for $109, 
rears can get from Bilstein if they have them (which BofA claimed when I talked 
to them last week) next day for $102. Quite a bit less than Ivor's assistant 
quoted me. Waiting some more to talk to Ivor, I surfed to Koni's web site which 
I do believe has a Dutch accent. They show the same rear parts for 200 20v and 
V8, all same front parts for everything, and same rears for 200 quattro (non 
20v) and 200 non-quattro. Interesting.

Then I got Ivor. He told me fronts are all the same, rears use the same part 
but need a 1" spacer on the spring perch to avoid lowering the rear for 
applications older than the '92 S4 - i.e. me and Audidudi, see above. He's got 
some nice adjustable spacers, Ivor does.

So here's a plan: get the set from RD, save big bucks compared to Ivor, fake up 
some spacers (nice thick pipe?). Or buy Ivor's tricky adjustable spacers with 
the bucks I save not buying shocks from him. Heh.

Jeffrey, where are your threaded collars coming from, might these be what Ivor 
is talking about.?

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro
1988 GTI 16v