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Boy Igor, you must be angry! 

A few clarifications... Although I'm a auto-technician in Berks Co. Pa and
we wont have emission testing for another 13 months, I do know a few
things... The Cat. conv. you have on the car sounds like a replacement unit
of smaller size. I've come across these quite often and they are noticably
smaller than an OEM unit, although they clean the exhaust up just fine. 

Your Fox, running at those numbers must be running quite lean. To be running
.06 on CO when the factory suggest .75 (at the test port) is def. a little
off. You might loose half that after the cat, but .06 is real low.

A $50 charge for an emissions test isn't bad at all. Consider, we just
bought the latest test equipment, without the dyno (we won't need it in
Berks Co.) for over $30,000. Add the rollers and your into the $50,000
range. $50 pocket change compared to the outlay that a garage spends for one
of these units. 

There are going to be garages to go to with a German car, and garages to
avoid. Many "We work on all types" places shun two types of cars, German
cars and Subarus. Your original garage, perhaps very good in Audis def. made
a mistake in assuming the new emissions test was going to be delayed. They
were wrong! 

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