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Re: Perf Exhausts

> Has anyone tried using a single perf. muffler instead of the oem center
> and rear muffler setup? My current exhaust has no center muffler, only the
> rear muffler and something else not there (????). It sounds like a truck,
> but works very, very well. I'm looking into a Borla, Flowmaster, or
> Ultraflow muffler right now. Just need to know how they sound and if
> there's any noticeable power difference.

Since I haven't seen Brendan Rudack on the list as of late, I will go
ahead and speak for him. He has a single Borla muffler with a 4" tip on
his 90Q 10V. If you want a loud street exhaust, go the way Brendan
did... his exhaust is loud and gutsy, even at idle it sounds great,
growling and spitting the way it does.
my $.02
* Ramana Lagemann		          	
* Cohasset, MA			 
* mailto:elmool@tiac.net
* 1990 Coupe Q