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1998 1/2 A4 tail light lenses ...

At the recent "DC Event" there was some discussion about the
taillights on the (new) 1998 Audi's going back to red turn-signals
from amber.  Igor (for one) doesn't like that idea and wants his
(soon to be) new A4 to still have amber (I've offered to swap
mine with him, 'cos I don't care).

Now, having looked at the Audis in the UK earlier this year I had
assumed that the US '98 tail lenses would be the same as Europe
whereby the lens "looks" red but shines amber when the turn
signals are on.  However, having finally seen some new '98's at
the dealer today (A4 & A6) I've seen that the rear lenses are
actually all 'pure' red.  Why do Audi insist on making life
difficult for themselves?

-Mark Quinn