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on-board computer fueling around

>Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 09:36:25 +0200
>From: Gerard <gerard@poboxes.com>
>Subject: Re: "Out Of Fuel" warning lamp...progress, I think...
>I've got that 1990 (or 1989) 200T with the out of fuel warning signal
>coming on t over 1/3 tank. I've made some progress on this. There
>are 3 (not 4 as I previously mentioned) dip switches on the back of
>the instrument cluster. These fix/adjust fuel consumption figures.
>Last week I removed the instrument cluster and slapped all 3 of them
>to the opposite settings. The out of fuel signal now does not
>come on. Yesterday I removed the cluster again once I had learnt that
>the switches were actually for fuel consumption adjustment instead
>of for fixing the level at which the out of fuel signal triggers.
>I then switches all 3 of the switches back to their original position.
>So now I have 0% correction on the fuel consumption and mileage
>readings. My tank is under 1/4 tank left now. The amazing thing is
>that the out of fuel warning has disappeared. It seems to have been
>cured I think.

Well, recall that I had mentioned the possibility that your multipin
(instrument cluster) connector might be giving a poor contact at the pins
that provide the fuel level information. Perhaps in disconnecting and then
reconnecting the unit, you inadvertantly improved (cleaned) that

As to the FCF (fuel consumption) adjustment via the 3 switches: I am
perplexed by the paucity of info given in Bentley. It shows a total of 6
combinations of switch positions (out of 8 combinations possible for 3
binary switches). These are labelled +5, +10, +15; -5, -10, -15%. Well and
good, except...what comination is used to give the null
correction??????????   Do you recall what was the "original position" of
these switches in your car? Does anyone know the correct switch combination
for a "null" FCF correction?

'89 100
'91 200q

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