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Re: 4kq door locks

> My passenger side door lock doesnt' work.

ok, first a dumb reminiscence.  My first Audi (80 5k) inspired a song called
"My car don't lock" by its previous borrower, Barry Cowsill.  I fixed the
damn thing.  But I still have the demo cassette.

> It never has since I bought the car 1 year ago but I want it fixed.  The
> handle works very well.  It open better than all the others, the key fits
> in the hole and the key will turn, but it wont lock or unlock the door.
> WHat gives.

It's the best handle because it has been replaced.  The person who did it
changed the cylinder but got lazy or confused and...

> It is almost like it isn't connected.

I bet.  They left off the stupid actuator bar thing that pops into the lock
mechanism.  It sure is a lot easier to put back together that way!

>  When I take the handle off should it be straight forward to fix?

unless they ditched the actuator making you buy another one... it's probably
just hanging loose in there.

>  Any tips for what to look for?

bruised and cut knuckles and fingers.  it takes three hands (one not attached
to an arm), a mirror, a light, two needlenose pliers and a screwdriver to
align all that junk and put it back together.  If I'm right.  And that's a
big if.
Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers
79,80,81,*82*,83,84,85,86,87,88,97 Audi Coupe (GT)...