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Re: "Outside Temp" adjustable?

> There's huge difference between output from the outside temp sensors
> (channels 4 and 5). I think the one at the evaporator (channel 4) reads
> too low. That's why the computer shuts off the compressor because of
> temperature (value in channel 17 confirms that). Try disonnecting the
> sensor at the evaporator. The AC head should then report error 03
> ("outside temp sensor on evaporator open circuit") and use the on behind
> the grille only.

Ok. I am going to do this this afternoon. As can be expected, I have
never worked on this stuff before. So could you perhaps give
me quick directions to finding this sensor? By that I mean the
location of the evaporator (in the fire wall?) and what am I supposed
to be looking for exactly (ie. what do things look like?) ?


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