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Shift Knobs, Worn out Leather, Neat little Trick.

     The Leather was worn out on my shift knob on my 86 5K TQ. All of the 
     other leather is in really good shape and it meade the interior look 
     too "used" I did not want to buy a MOMO knob very $$$$. 
     Anyway I carefully peeled the leather off and found that Audi used 
     some really nice wood under the knob. I sanded it quick with 600 Grit 
     and stained and coated it with clear... Thae trick is to carefully cut 
     around the plastic shift pattern scm. on top. I didn't have much luck 
     trying to pry it off. 
     Anyway it makes for a real nice knob, good feel, and best of all Looks 
     Just a trick I thought Id pass along.