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Re:Broquet Fuel Catalyst

Phil wrote:

>In fact, there is no desirable transformation of the input fuel that this 
> thing does _not_ do, instantly.  Without you even having to tell it
> _what_ to do.

Every couple of years or so, a new "magic" fuel enhancing/conditioning
technology based on vitalism, phlogiston theory, quantum consciousness,
or fuel-phrenology gets splashed across the pages.  Usually it's
something that you splice into/wrap around your fuel lines or filter that
re-orients, re-refines, or otherwise reconfigures the molecular structure
of the gasoline, instantly and with no waste or by-products, and usually
without even physical contact or a power source being necessary

I've heard rumors that Uri Geller, reacting to an increasingly crowded
sucker market with all of the late-nite psychics vying for your dollar, will
ride in the passenger seat of your Audi Turbo for a small hourly fee and
increase the intercooler efficiency by pure thought!  Apparently he
operates at a level _beyond_ mathematics.  Anybody BTDT?

Geez, why are auto manufacturers wasting all of this time
researching direct-injection gasoline engines, stratified charge
combustion, better engine management, etc., etc., when they could just
use one of these things and save all that money?   Just goes to show
you -- they always try to bury the _true_ breakthroughs.  ;-^

Best Wishes,