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Re:Re:Charlatans (sorry, just one more)...

Sorry, but my God, it just keeps getting better and better:

MECACYL Hyper Lubricant 
(sold by a suave-looking dude from the Caribbean in a stylin' silk shirt)
You can buy it in Cuba, Haiti, Antigua, Grenada, etc...

Classification:  1st hyper lubricant
Fixation: Intra/extra metal.
Composition: multi-molecular association, stabilized.
Characteristics: invariable, infusible, ininflammable, exceptional grip to
metal (3 times quicker than kerosene!).
Metal penetration: 1 micron inter, 0.25 micron extra
New structure of Mecacyled Surfaces: lamellar
Miscible in oil: no
Traceable in oil: no
Oil Modification: no
Performance increase: yes
Decrease mechanical noise level: yes
Pollution reduction: yes
Consumption reduction: yes
Catalytic protection: yes
Metal protection: yes
Carrier liquid: standard oil
Max. operating temperature: -73C / +650 C in operation
Mechanical hidden drawbacks: unknown
Hyper Lube global quality
1%: 20 times better
2%: 500 times better
3% temp/wear/oxydes/acids more than 1,000,000 times better

(auto gearboxes, limited slip diffs, etc.)

Does Mecacyl Remove Warrranties?
Never, unlike additives MECACYL is not miscible with oils.  MECACYL is 
invisible in the oil and the metal.  MECACYL is traceable with protonic