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Re: Shift Knobs, Worn out Leather, Neat little Trick.


Did this last year on my 4kcsq and worked wonderfully!!!  I was amazed at the
of wood Audi used on a knob that was going to be covered with leather!  It
volumes about the quality of an Audi!

Thomas Miller

Glen Abel wrote:

>      The Leather was worn out on my shift knob on my 86 5K TQ. All of the
>      other leather is in really good shape and it meade the interior look
>      too "used" I did not want to buy a MOMO knob very $$$$.
>      Anyway I carefully peeled the leather off and found that Audi used
>      some really nice wood under the knob. I sanded it quick with 600 Grit
>      and stained and coated it with clear... Thae trick is to carefully cut
>      around the plastic shift pattern scm. on top. I didn't have much luck
>      trying to pry it off.
>      Anyway it makes for a real nice knob, good feel, and best of all Looks
>      new.....
>      Just a trick I thought Id pass along.