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Re: Intercooler / turbo / lag

In a message dated 97-11-19 14:53:52 EST, you write:

<< My question is this:
> Given the flow numbers STEADI posted, it would appear that when a turbo mod
is >done, the old intercooler must go.  What I am wondering is this---if you
do a turbo >mod, let's say adding a RS2, and you chip the car, but keep the
single pass [20v?] >intercooler, what have you effectively got?  In other
words, how much of the RS2 >potential are you not going to see?  Numbers make
it look like the intercooler >upgrade needs to be done first, or else you
really don't use the turbo you have on >the car? >>
GIVEN the flow numbers posted, it would appear quite obvious to me what you
have.  A baseline establishing those numbers validity might be advised before
we continue.  Happy to go forward, me thinks the numbers posted and
assumptions are a wee bit off Bruce.  Let's establish what was posted as
being accurate first.  Then I'd be happy to go to the RS2 discussion.

I think if you read SoC's OWN calculations on the ICE vs pre IC "gross" PR,
one might look askance at the numbers posted.  And should, there are too many
2.0bar cars out there running with 2 pass IC's, how many do you know that
blew up?  Assuming the "Gross PR" to be right, by KKK MAP definition, we
should have seen a lot of turbo schrapnel years ago.  If logic says it
doesn't sound right.....