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Linus Toy wrote:
<< when you say "block" i hope you mean all the rotating parts inside,
too. as at least three people (2 on this list) have found out, there is
no such thing as a short block for this animal, at least from Audi of

It would be nice to have a block with all of the internal pieces good,
but if not I have a source for a crank which is the only really iffy
piece.  I can also have pistons, rods, and cams made to my specs.
Bearings are readily available from a number of Import Parts

<< not to rain on your parade, but think twice about passing on that one
in NJ.>>

I know of at least 5 other engines that myself and other listers have
found in the $4,000 - $4,500 range.  This seems to be the going rate.

<< there were only about a thousand +/- 3B engined cars imported to the

According to Audi's '91 200TQ promo video, they imported 1450 1991
200TQ's.  I have no idea how many S4's were imported from '92 - '94 and
how many S6's were imported in '95.  Just not anal enough to keep up on
that I guess =).

<< FYI, one "stock" rebuild i'm aware of is running over $5000.>>

Guess that one will be hanging around for a while at that price.

<< i use quotes because this rebuild requires a bit of ingenuity--such
as the fact that Audi doesn't make bearings (don't recall if this was
rod or main) for the motor--try adapting GTI bearings.>>

Not really.  The parts can be had from other sources.  OEM is not the
only stuff available for these motors...V8Q's are a different story.  As
I said before, bearings are available, as is much of the valvetrain.
I'm actually just planning to use 16V VW GTI valve springs for example.