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'84 5k relay - huh????

Trying to troubleshoot a fuel prollem today, I was attempting to jump
the fuel pump relay.  There's a relay socket under the hood, number 8,
which is labeled as "Starter lockout AT - relay" on the fuse box cover.
The car is a stick.  There's a wire that is stuck between two of the
contacts, numbers 36 & 38.  Since I don't have an automatic, I figured
that wire would be prime for jumping the fuel pump just long enough to
get the pile from the Tech Centre to Boulder.  Well, I jumped the fuel
pump relay with it, the fuel pump turned on instantly (no key?) so I
turned the key to try to start it.  The starter didn't engage, instead a
bunch of clicking started happening in the relay compartment, and the
horn started honking.  Cute.  So, I put the wire back, chopped a section
of wire from the wiring harness that looked unimportant, jumped the fuel
pump relay, and I'm about to drive it home (hope I make it...  :-)  What
is that missing AT relay, and why does it affect a 5 speed??