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Audi book

For anyone who likes a bit of good reading.....
I bought a book today called 'The Audi File'.  Bloody marvelous!
This is certainly one for any Audi fan.  It covers all models since 1888
under the names Audi, Auto Union, DKW, Horch, Wanderer and NSU  - nearly
200 different models.  Almost all have a photo to go with the short
write up and specification, which covers body, engine, chassis,
transmission, dimensions and performance.  It even has figures for kg
per bhp / kg per kW.
Starts with the NSU Daimler Stahlradwagen, 1888 and goes right thru to
new model A6 1.9 turbo diesel direct injection, 1997.  Each model covers
two pages, text on left, picture on right.
All photos b+w.  Book is same shape and size as a normal Audi owners
handbook but this has 416 pages.  Hard back in black and silver.
Absolutly brilliant!

Title:		The Audi File
                (All models since 1888)
		An Eric Dymock Motorbook
Published by:	Dove Publishing
		Old Chapel House, Sutton Veney,
		Wiltshire BA12 7AY
		G.T.Foulis & Company, an imprint of Haynes Publishing
First published:1997
ISBN:		0 85429 974 2
Price:		Stg.20