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A4 headlights - Differences?

In message <0fc6323332313b7UPIMSSMTPUSR03@email.msn.com> "Jonathan Linkov" writes:

> OK, so I get the Imparts catalog in the mail and, lo and behold, they are
> selling "New Blue Halogen Bulbs"!  So, I see that they have H-1 through H-4
> and some 9004, etc.   But, what interests me are the H1, H-4 etc.  What is
> the difference?  I am guessing the H-1 is a High Beam only, while the H-4
> are hi/low.  And I heard that if you go to one bulb different that you can
> fry the wires, etc.  Can someone give me a clue here (I may be asking a lot,
> I know!) but could I go for an 80/100w H-4 without frying wires?

I know several people running 80/100 on stock wiring.  _I_ wouldn't, though.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club