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Fuel Pump Relay '88 5kcdq

     A previous owner has replaced the fuel pump relay with one with no 
     socket for a fuse to read the fault codes. Actually the current relay 
     in position 10 doesn't even have a plastic cover! I can turn the fuel 
     pump on by pressing on the metal strip that's normally activated by 
     the relay solenoid. Well I guess it's useful for checking the fuel 
     pump can be switched?? Not sure if leaving the guts of the relay open 
     to the elements is going to improve reliability and MTBF.
     Any recommendations on sources for the original relay, who makes them 
     Hella/Bosch? I'd really appreciate a Bosch or equivalent part number 
     to avoid a visit to the local dealership. Or if someone has a used one 
     I'd consider that too :)
     Regards, Mike