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RE: 4kq 4000rpm cutout

I had a similar problem with a 4ks which turned out to be a small filter
INSIDE the bolt that holds the fuel line to the FI metering head.  This
is supposed to be removed by the dealer after 1k miles or so and is
intended to catch material left over from the manufacturing process.
Mine had not been removed after 8 years and was very dirty.  I removed
it and the problem was gone.  Unfortunately this was after replacing all
four injectors at $60 ea., both fuel filters and temp. sending unit.
chris perry

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>Subject:	4kq 4000rpm cutout
>Anyone remember off the top of their head what the problem
>is here?  I get some hesitation/power loss/sputtering
>at about 4k rpm in 3rd and 4th gear, sometimes better,
>sometimes worse.  My fuel pump relay also died today (in
>the middle of an intersection!) and it is being replaced with
>a wire at the moment, so that was not the problem.
>I seem to remember hearing about this problem a while back.
>Anyone remember specifics?
>(no time to search today, shame on me!)
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