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100CSQW sunroof and my (wife's) new car..maybe..

First of all, thanks to all who responded to my post about suggestions
for a new car.  It is a tiring process when you need to act fast.. 
Here's where we are now:  

We found a beautiful '89 VW Cabriolet with 100K miles on the clock. Only
problems i found were: 

1)oil on the undercarriage (seemed like a leaky oil pan gasket, but I'm
not sure) 

2)the lights behind the climate control are not working.  

I'm taking it out to a VW mechanic to diagnose the oil leak on Saturday.
It has new tires, great top, new muffler, new struts, regular oil
changes (with receipts).  My wife really likes it.  I'm impressed with
the condition far more than with the car.  It's peppy, but a far cry
from my old Miata (not to say that's what I was expecting, BUT...). 
Seems like a good deal overall.  Any experience with these cars out
there?  Problem areas?  Persistent annoyances? I feel so _upright_ in
this car... 

As far as my '92 100CSQW goes, does anyone know if a glass sunroof from
a later car is an easy retrofit into these cars?  Has anyone tried it? 
We saw a '93 at Heishman's in Alexandria, VA last weekend (for which the
asking price was $10K more than we paid for our '92 in BETTER condition)
which had the glass sunroof.  Very nice indeed.  I'd also be curious
about the same transplant for a '94 90csq.  

Thanks for all the help!


'92 100csqw