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Re[2]: Heated Seats.... Any info?

     Dave, If your car is worth saving IE body good allot of other stuff 
     not wrong... As mine is worth saving, (only you can make that 
     determination) I would take the time to fix them. Even if it is the 
     heating element itself the Bentley manual outlines how to replace the 
     heating element. It also give a part number for the padding. Pretty 
     much everything works on my car ... computer, mirrors, windows, just 
     not the pass seat heat, and the horn. and I think I have a bomb dying 
     a slow death.  Thanks.

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Subject: RE: Heated Seats.... Any info?
Author:  Dave Shreeve <shreevda@cannondale.com> at Internet
Date:    11/20/97 11:36 AM

I remember this from an earlier post...  The rear seat heater is 
connected to the front passenger switch.  HTH!  BTW, I'm a little 
jealous - my Audi currently contains a full round of cold butts!!
-David  <'88 5kcstqw>
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> Subject:      Heated Seats.... Any info? 
>      What is the resistance value supposed to be at the seat? 
>      Are the L @ R seat heating control units identical off of the aux 
> Rel 
>      Panel no.1 ?
>      Im assuming that the thumwheel Is a pot. and the control unit is 
> a 
>      shunt. 
>      Any info would be appreciated. 
>      86 5K TQ with drivers seat heated ... and a passenger with a cold 
>      butt!! 
>      BTW. The rear seat has a pressure switch in it but I cant imagine 
> it 
>      being on all the time. Does the rear only turn on when the switch 
> is 
>      activated and the front seats are on? 
>      Gabel@acmepower.com