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Re: Low beams...CRUD???

Phil Payne wrote:

>No, they're nearly _three_ times the legal wattage.

I can see it now:  On a misty night on a deserted road in Britain, a weary
hitchhiker is pounding the pavement looking for a ride to nowhere in
particular.  Suddenly there's a great roar from out of the darkness and the
wanderer is bathed in a blinding light.  He stops in his tracks, frozen in the
expectation of finally reaching nirvana and ending his troubled days on
this troubled Earth.  "They've come for me, just as the prophecy foretold!!"
he thinks.  The roar is pounding his ears and the light grows brighter,
seemingly penetrating his very being.  He raises his hands in a gesture of
rapturous surrender...

Suddenly the roar stops...and...

...It's Phil.

"Get out of the middle of the road, you _prat_!!!"

Now I _know_  I've seen a few too many "X-Files"..  :-)

Best Wishes,