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4kq 4000rpm cutout

In message <c=US%a=_%p=COTL%l=COTL-IT-1-971120154655Z-111260@cotl-it-16.cotelligent.com> "Perry, Christopher" writes:

> I had a similar problem with a 4ks which turned out to be a small filter
> INSIDE the bolt that holds the fuel line to the FI metering head.  This
> is supposed to be removed by the dealer after 1k miles or so and is
> intended to catch material left over from the manufacturing process.

I'm really not sure _what_ these bolts are for.  I've now found four installed 
in ur-quattros, after examining around thirty cars.
There are (at least) two different designs.  Both have hex heads instead of the 
more usual 10mm Allen heads.  One has a single 'banjo/banto' hole on the side 
with a coarse white plastic screen on it, and has a comparatively small hole to 
feed fuel into the metering head.  At first, I thought they were performance 
limiters intended to protect the engine during shipping (have you ever watched 
the drivers who load/unload ro-ro car ferries?) and to catch rubbish left in 
the system.
Then I found the second type.  This has two larger banjo/banto holes and a 
normal sized feed into the metering head - but it has a much finer and larger 
conical screen inside the bolt, compared with the coarse screen on the first 
I also surmised that these things might be the 'constriction' mentioned in 
Probst's book.  So I cleaned one of them (first type) and put it in my car.  No 
detectable difference in performance. 

I can't find any part numbers for these things, BTW.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club