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[Fwd: Re: Euro HL p/n's needed!]

For everyone who asked, here's the info. Thanks Tom!
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Dwight Varnes <xmxbreed@lancnews.infi.net> wrote:

>Previously, i.e. many months ago, someone on the list was able to
>provide me with the actual part numbers for real live German edition
>headlights for the 1986 4000Q/Coupe GT.  Having place my order with
>someone who has since not followed through, I foolishly either tossed
>them or have them hidden so I won't throw them out, and can't find them.
>Can someone supply these for me again? I have a (hopefully) new and more
>reliable person in Das Fatherland to do my shopping for me.

Audi 80/ Coupe GT headlights, '85 on, for LHD cars:
811 941 029H / 811 941 030H (our dealer price- $145 each)



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